What Makes Ayana The Best Luxury Hotel in Bali?

The Island of Bali is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It possesses a calm serene environment with a breath-taking view of the ocean making it a dream holiday destination for many people, and a catch for most luxury hotels. The Balinese culture practiced by the Hindus in the area makes the area perfect for a vacation destination.

With many luxury hotels set up in the area, it can be difficult to decide which of them is suitable for your vacation. Ayana Resort and Spa has, however, slowly risen to become one of the best luxury hotel in bali. Some of the striking features that make this hotel stand out include:

  • Magnificent natural features.

Perched on top of a cliff just above Jimbaran Bay, Ayana resort offers an amazing view of the ocean. This is complemented by the presence of white sandy beaches which when put together with Ayana’s majestic sunset view offers one of the most romantic places on earth. This makes it ideal for a wedding ceremony or even a weekend getaway trip for you and your spouse!

  • Room Bookings and Rewards Benefits.

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to a breath-taking view of the ocean? Well, the suites and Villas at Ayana have been designed to face the ocean. Furthermore, the booking of these rooms can be done online on the Ayana Website. This reduces the hustle of physical payment and streamlines the visitors’ experience.

They also provide a 50% discount for your second room! This deal gets sweeter for you if you sign up for membership since you are given points for every purchase you make in the hotel. These points can later be redeemed with dining offers or a complimentary stay!

  • Amazing facilities.

Equipped with five-star swimming pools, complimentary Wi-Fi and a resort shuttle, Ayana has spared no cost in investing in its facilities. Since it lies on a 90-hectare piece of land, the resort shuttle transports the clients from one point to the other ensuring their maximum comfort. They have also developed a mobile application showing the clients around the best places in the hotel.

Your children are also well taken care of since there is a kid’s club where the children can all go and play while you enjoy your day taking a dip in the pool!

  1. Numerous activities to take part in.

What use is a vacation if there’s no fun in it? Ayana knows this and thus had incorporated many activities in its services to ensure you have a memorable stay. You can take part in a friendly golf match in the nearby golf course or tennis in the pavilion when bored. You may even take part in the yoga meditation in the morning for relaxation.

If you are tired of staying indoors, Ayana organizes a trip to the Balinese market and even experience the Conang Ketupat demonstrations as they offer their sacrifices to the Island gods. There are also the cooking classes where you will be taught on how to make the different Balinese cuisines.

  • Heavenly spa services.

Therapeutic treatment at Ayana’s spas has been praised by numerous clients. Ayana even won the World Luxury Spa Award in 2017 for the quality of services they offer. From the Free flow bubble package and the aqua tonic seawater therapy pool session to the relaxing massages and the ancient healing remedies, the experience in the spa is simply indescribable.

With the spa villas surrounded by the ocean, the sound of waves rushing below, the cool breeze drift and the refreshing scent of the ocean mist is bound to keep you relaxed throughout the day!


Ayana Resort and Spa has won many awards and received International recognition for being among the best hotels in the world. These among many other factors have ensured that the hotel has become among the best in Bali. So, when you need the best luxury hotel in Bali, be sure to choose Ayana!

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