Unique Ways to Experience London

One of the qualities that makes London such as great city is that if you spend even a few months away from it, so much can change. There are new bars and cafes constantly opening, art projects appearing, pop-up events taking place, and new trends taking over. It gives every visitor a reason to return since there will always be something new. While it may be easy to fall into tourist traps or find yourself in crowded, expensive places, there are many unique ways to visit and experience the city.

Concept Cafes

London is home to some of the finest coffee in the UK. However, in addition to great roasts and silky cortados, there are also fantastic concept cafes that bring an interesting twist to your afternoon drink. There is God’s Own Junkyard, located in Walthamstow, where you can eat and drink surrounded by walls of neon. Or, you can visit Ziferblat, which is a Russian-style cafe where you pay for your time, recorded by a small alarm clock given upon your arrival. These types of cafes are found all over London, and more are appearing each year.

Unusual Transportation

While every street will have some sort of tour bus on, these will often be very busy and not suitable for every visitor. There are many other ways to see the city or to travel across it in style. For fun-loving tourists or parties, there is the extravagant Sing-Along Taxi, whereby a decadent black cab, driven by a talented performer, will escort you through the streets while you and your friends sing your favourite tunes. Alternatively, you can travel much more slowly and without the noise by exploring London’s extensive canal system. Not only is this a great way to see the city but it will give you a great opportunity to learn about its history too.

Stay in Style

Hotels are ubiquitous in London. However, there are many better forms of accommodation that will often be cheaper too. For instance, London is full of aparthotels and serviced apartments that are available to rent. Allowing you to experience living like a local in the heart of the city, there are fantastic options available for solo travellers or families. You can find decadent homes to splurge on or stay within some of London’s best architecture and design. To see what is available, you can find luxury apartments in London here.

Bizarre History

London, seemingly more so than many other cities, has plenty of weirdness in its history. This is demonstrated through its many museums and galleries dedicated to strange and wonderful interests. The Hunterian Museum allows you to see half of Charles Babbage’s brain among many other anatomical delights. There is also the Fan Museum where you can learn about the significant history of the fan, which is much more intriguing than you might first think, especially in Victorian culture. In Frognal, you can visit the Freud Museum to gain a better insight into the mind of the great psychoanalyst, who spent his later years living in the city.

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