Visiting Bali; Indonesia’s Magical Destination

Bali is an excellent travel destination. It’s perfect for newlyweds who are looking forward to a memorable honeymoon or for someone who is simply looking for a cozy place where they can travel to unwind.

Bali is an island in Indonesia; it is naturally endowed with beautiful sceneries like volcanic mountains, beautiful sandy beaches and long stretches of rice plantations. In addition to all this beauty is perfect weather that serves both visitors and residents just right.

The first time in a place can be challenging but your first time in Bali should create a smooth and memorable experience. But even then, you need to have an idea of the city and the nice places of this lovely holiday destination. In this article, we have laid down some of the things you should do during your first visit to Bali. Engaging in these activities will give you an experience that will make the island your favorite tourist destination.

Visit The Island’s Scenic Sites

Bali has immense natural beauty spread across the island. There are plenty of breathtaking places to visit in this city. Lembongan Island is a great example. Ever seen an island within an island? Well, this is a small island within Bali. It is a bit reserved and many say that a visit here will help you paint a picture of what Bali used to be like about two decades ago.

Visit the Rice Plantations

There are many rice fields in Indonesia; you will certainly love the view of these terraces from Bali! There are many rice fields with beautiful rice terraces sitting on either side of the roads. The Tagelalang rice fields are one particular example of the beauty this crop brings to the island. Taking a walk around the fields would not only be an epic experience but also a great way to unwind.

Stay at A Great Restaurant

Apart from satisfying your eyes with the immense beauty, this island has high-end clubs and restaurants that will offer you finger-licking delicacies.

Your visit around Bali cannot be complete without having an experience at the best luxury hotel in Bali. After a long day touring the island, your evenings will be well planned with activities such as body massages, great food, music and the like. Bali’s luxurious hotels and resorts are located away from the hassle and bustle giving you a quiet and serene environment which allows you to have a comfortable stay that’s worth your money.  

Go Shopping

It is very likely that shopping was not on your to-do-list but a stop by the modern design market stalls and artistic markets will prompt you to change your mind. There are so many irresistible and fascinating goodies ranging from pieces of jewelry, fine art pieces, furniture, batiks and so much more. As you end your stroll around the shopping spots in Bali, you will have many memories of the island on your shopping bag, already.

Night Clubbing

Even after the sun sets, Bali still remains a vibrant island. If you are a fan of nightclubbing, then you can book a date at one of the lively nightclubs and bars. Here, you can mingle, jingle, make new friends and party all you want before heading back to your residential resort or hotel. The clubs remain open till late in the night.

Do Some Watersports

Make sure you make good use of the water that makes Bali an island. There are many water sporting activities you can engage in during your first-time visit including canoeing, fishing, surfing, swimming and diving among others. These watersports will surely give you a memorable experience.

Let’s Go Bali!

For lovers, Bali is a romantic island with the ability to reignite the spark in your love life. For people looking for an ideal destination that is an ideal fit for unwinding, the Island got you covered. Bali is a magical island with all the necessary amenities to offer its visitors a memorable stay. Your first visit here will not be your last!.

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