Everything you need to know about Dhow cruise marina Dubai

Most desert Safaris provide a pick up from your point of residence for convenience purpose. If not, you will meet your guide at a pre-designated point and venture on the journey. The grand 4×4 vehicle that is used for your journey can be anything from a Jeep to a Land cruiser based on the type of desert safari you have opted for. Make sure you ask the driver to give you a background on the history and culture of the Bedouin culture before you hit the sands. Dhow cruise marine Dubai provides you desert safari Dubai cheapest. We will guide you about desert safari.

The Drive to the camp

Although the camp is equally scintillating, the drive is probably the best part of the desert. These expert drivers take your car through extreme heights, vertical slopes and through huge dunes of sand en-route the camp. Make sure you fasten your seatbelts and sit tight, as this will be more exciting than any roller coaster you have ever been on. The Safari usually occurs with a convoy of vehicles that lead from the city to the camp.

The sights: Desert Flora & Fauna

As you cruise through the sand dunes, you will see the endless, vast desert stretch to the horizon which is definite to leave you adrift. Look closely to see the scares but existing desert vegetation in forms such as cacti. These plants are truly a sight to see. They grow in extreme water deficient conditions and some even flower despite the hot desert temperature. The deserts also have plenty of wildlife in the form of snakes, raccoons, scorpions, & lizards. Although camels find a home in the desert, it is rare to spot them roaming wild in the desert.

If you have opted for the sunrise or sunset Safari, the drive will stop at a good viewpoint to capture the best possible views of the sun setting into the desert horizon. The golden hour is simply dazzling in the desert with the rays making every grain of sand in the land glow bright. After you have taken enough photographs for your liking, the ride will continue to the camp.

The camp

Finally, when you reach the camp, you will be received with a warm welcome of hot drinks and a traditional serving of dates. The camp will feel like a wild contrast to the journey as it is as exquisite as an oasis in the middle of the desert. With tents built huddled together and a large centre carpeting that acts as a stage, the camp is tiny heaven in the middle of the desert. While you are here, you can also try getting a henna tattoo from local women who are extremely talented. A core part of the Arab culture, henna is symbolic for auspiciousness and wellness.

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